Create Book Covers With Scribus


Recently revised and indexed.

Self publishing authors, including those using publishing services companies, seek to reduce costs and increase control by doing their own interior layout and cover layout. Scribus is a desk top publishing program especially well-suited for book cover applications.

Creating Book Covers with Scribus takes the novice through the cover creation process step by step. It is specific to that task. It presumes no prior knowledge of Scribus, Gimp or any of the other tools employed. All are Open Source, free for the download.

A companion web site does the essential but tedious calculations needed to establish the dimensions and guides for use in Scribus or indeed in any program used for laying out covers.

Free of cheerleading, cute language, or extra verbiage, Creating Book Covers with Scribus is a nuts and bolts brief guide which can be read on line, printed for desktop use, or with an ordinary three ring binder used as an “easel book” next to the monitor.

The author, John Culleton, has 40 years of hands-on computer experience.


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