Producing Books With Scribus

These are my tips for book production with Scribus:

  1. Use the latest upstream stable version of Scribus. The GNU/Linux distribution packages are often a release or two behind, and you really don’t want that.
  2. Unless you have a very fast CPU in your computer, break the book document up into sections or chapters – it will make the editing process much more bearable. It also keeps the sections separate at the proofing and corrections stage.
  3. Import master pages from one section to another to maintain consistency, such as margin and page number formatting.
  4. Export each section as an individual PDF file. Then use pdftk to stitch the section together into a single inside pages PDF for your litho platemaker or print-on-demand digital press. No doubt the cover will be required as a separate PDF.

These were taken from an article in Free Software Magazie


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